How to create a desktop shortcut to always connect to a specific computer?


Sometimes it is helpful to have a shortcut to always connect to a specific computer, especially for your end-users.  The Business app (purple icon) needs to be installed, and you can create a shortcut that calls a URI command which calls the Business app with options.


  1. Open the Business app (purple icon) and login and authenticate and make sure the "Stay logged in" option is checked.
  2. Create a URI string as a shortcut with the following format: st-business://
  3. Splashtop Streamer must be installed and logged in on the remote/host computer.

* Replace "account=" and "mac=" with your account and MAC address of the remote/host computer.

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    Whilst this is good, it isnt a good look to go wandering through a clients computer looking for their MAC address, it would be really handy if this could be displayed in the computer settings, even better would be just to use the computer name

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    MAC address is by far the best option, since it is always unique, there will be no conflicts with other devices.

    We will consider showing MAC address in the computer info, maybe just add the ability to create a shortcut from the web portal.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.


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    Im looking for a way to integrate our own internal app with splashtop, we use it to manage our customers and would like to interface it with an API to connect to a machine from our application. Is this the best solution for that? We dont currently store MAC address in our application

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    +1 for making this simpler. Adding the ability to capture the shortcut from the app would be a big plus.

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    Ed Blanchard

    I have to echo what the others said here, MAC just isn't going to work for us. We use Lansweeper for our help desk software and MAC is not available as a custom parameter. Here's what they produce:

    Action parameters: {actionpath}, {smartname}, {assetname}, {dnsname},
    {computer}, {domain}, {tag}, {username},
    {userdomain}, {ipaddress}, {fqdn}, {scanserver}, {assetid}

    {smartname} changes to IP address, FQDN or Assetname based on asset type.

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    @Ed, and all,

    Got your feedback. The reason to use MAC as the identifier is for most cases, it is unique; but it seems such information is not usually saved in your application or tools. The team will evaluate whether there is a better information we could use, or provide MAC address info from our app or web portal.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback.