Want to remote into an Android device?


Are you trying to remote into an Android device to view its screen or control it remotely? If so, first make sure you have a trial or subscription to the recently launched Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) with Mobile service. If you have our previous Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) which has no mobile support, please contact our sales to upgrade. Email sales@splashtop.com or call +1 (408) 886-7177.


  1. Windows or Mac Business app (biz_icon.jpeg) version or newer
  2. Android device has Android 5.0 or newer
  3. Additional steps to enable remote control of supported Android devices

    The device owner may need to grant privilege or install an add-on app to enable remote control of these devices.

    View-only support for other devices

    For devices not listed above, you can connect in view-only mode. If you are using other devices and would like to enable remote control, please let us know the brand of your devices.


  1. END USER downloads and installs the Splashtop SOS app (sos_icon.png) on the Android device from the Google Play store
  2. END USER opens the Splashtop SOS app on the Android device and provides the 9-digit code to the technician
  3. (OPTIONAL one-time setup)END USER If the Android device is a Samsung device or has been rooted, it's possible to configure the device to allow remote control in addition to view.
    1. Tap on the "Configure" button, then tap on "Grant System Privilege" and "Activate".  
    2. Tap on the back arrow to show the SOS app again with the 9-digit code.
  4. TECHNICIAN enters the code into the Splashtop Business app (SOS menu -> Connect to User's Computer)
  5. END USER taps "Allow" within the countdown timer on the Android SOS app to start sharing the screen.
  6. To end the support session, END USER taps on the exit icon on the Splashtop SOS app on the Android device.


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