Splashtop SOS integration with Datto/Autotask PSA


Autotask customers can quickly and seamlessly launch Splashtop SOS sessions as they assist customers from the Autotask PSA interface directly.  Connection details will automatically be passed to the ticketing system, as well as file transfer information during the session.

For a limited time, the integration is included in the current SOS services (excludes SOS lite and legacy services).


  1. Download and install these versions of Splashtop Business app [ or later] (purple icon)
    1. Windows app
    2. Mac app
  2. Log in to the Splashtop Business app with your account credentials
  3. Add plug-in into Autotask
    1. Log in at www.autotask.com
    2. Go to ADMIN > Extensions & Integrations > AUTOTASK ADD-ONS > LiveLinks Designer > Explore the AXN LiveLinks Catalog 
  4. Search for "Splashtop".  Right click on Splashtop SOS and select "Install LiveLink".
  5. Click on the "Application" tab, then click on the Splashtop SOS application.  Make sure it is "Active" and set for "User-Level" 
  6. After set the application as active, you have to then set the LiveLink as active and publish to the correct resources.
  7. Then, click on your name at the top right of the page, click on "Single Sign-on", and update Splashtop SOS credentials with your AUTOTASK credentials. 


Usage steps:

  1. In Autotask PSA, open a ticket.
  2. Click on Livelinks->Splashtop SOS 
    1. Livelinks.png
    2. Note: Please allow popups as the Splashtop SOS window opens in a new tab 
  3. Tell your end-user to go to sos.splashtop.com web site and run the downloaded program, then give you the 9-digit code
  4. After clicking on "Connect", you may receive a popup requesting you to allow opening the Splashtop Business app which makes the actual connection. 
  5. When done with the remote access, close the connection and details of the session are automatically uploaded to the ticket, including file transfer information


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