With remote print, you can print files that are on a remote computer to a local printer.

Remote print is available for:

Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac

You can print from a Windows computer (Windows 7 or higher) to another Windows computer, or from a Mac to another Mac. To print between Windows and Mac, please see below for additional instructions.

Please download and install the latest Splashtop streamer (version or higher) and Splashtop Business app (version or higher). 


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  1. Download and install the latest Splashtop streamer and Splashtop Business app from

  2. Open streamer settings, go to the Settings tab, and click on Install Printer Driver.  Note: you may need to disconnect and reconnect if making these changes through a Splashtop connection for the driver to take effect.

  3. Connect to the streamer remotely. On the remote computer, open any application and print as you normally would. In the print dialog box, choose the printer named Splashtop Remote Printer and click Print.


  4. In a few seconds, a print dialog box will pop up on the local computer (where your Splashtop Business app is running). Choose the desired local printer and hit Print. That's it!

The amount of time it takes to print depends on the file size and the performance of the remote computer. For small print jobs, the print dialog box should pop up on the local computer within 5-10 seconds. Bigger print jobs or slow remote computers will take longer.

When a print job is in progress, the window caption of the Splashtop Business app will show "Printing now..."

If you install Windows 10, version 1803, on a new device (or as a clean installation), you may need to install XPS Viewer from Apps and Features in the Settings app or through Features on Demand. If you had XPS Viewer in Windows 10, version 1709, but manually removed it before updating, you'll need to manually reinstall it.

If XPS still does not show up under Apps and Features, please ensure you have installed and enabled .NET Framework 3.5. (.NET Framework 4.2 does not have XPS Viewer, so you will need to have .NET Framework 3.5)

What if I want to print between Windows and Mac?

Some additional software will be required in order to print from a Windows computer to a Mac, or vice versa.

Print files on a remote Mac to a local Windows computer
Be sure a PDF reader is installed on the local Windows computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a common choice.

Print files on a remote Windows computer to a local Mac
You will need to install a XPS reader on the local Mac. You can search for "XPS reader" on the Mac App Store to see various choices.


What if I don't want my users to print remotely?

Owner of the Splashtop Business account can disable remote print for all users.

Log in to with the owner credentials. Go to Management > Settings. From there, you can disable remote print, file transfer, copy-and-paste, etc.

"Splashtop Remote Printer" not in the printer list?

If not, please refer to this article: Splashtop Remote Printer does not show in the printer list

What if I choose "Splashtop Remote Printer" and nothing happens?

Is the computer "My Document" folder redirected to a different drive or location?

If so, we have a limitation today that the remote print cannot write a temporary file and will not complete.  We are working on an improvement to handle this case.

When I remote print a Quickbooks document the edges are missing?

Please refer to this article: Quickbooks remote print missing margins or edges?


Unable to get remote print to work or have suggestions for us? Please open a support ticket.

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    Stephen Daniels

    Excellent work - nice to see the features progressing like this!

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    just keep getting better and better


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    This feature is really appreciated!   Perhaps find a way to auto-redirect printing when in a remote session so that the user doesn't have to select every time.  Otherwise, works very well.  Thanks!

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    During a remote session, open Control Panel-> Devices and Printers, find the Splashtop printer and set it to the default printer.

    Then it will automatically pick Splashtop printer as a default one when establishing a remote session, and change back to the original one after you disconnect the remote session.

    Hope this helps!

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    Heavens, yes.  It helps a ton. It certainly wasn't clear to me, so thanks! 

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    @ Pblank,

    Glad to see it helps, and happy new year!

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    New problem: So this works, BUT far as I can see, when I set the default printer to the Splashtop printer from a remote session, and then quit the session, there is then NO default printer set, and it needs to be set again.  Next time there's a Splashtop session, if the default printer is re-set to the Splashtop printer, that "cycle" begins again.  Is there any way that the default printer will actually reset itself to where it was before when a Splashtop session ends?  (Windows 7 Professional host machine, fully patched)


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    Clarification: After the remote Splashtop session ends, where, during that session, the default printer was set to the Splashtop printer, there is then NO default printer.  Then you re-set the default printer...  in a subsequent Splashtop session where the Splashtop printer is then set again to default, there again is NO default printer set after the Splashtop session ends (so the "cycle" begins again).

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    We found different cases on Windows 7 and 10. On Windows 10, it will just change back to the original default printer after disconnection, but it will not on Windows 7.

    This is more a feature request and sure I will forward this to the development team.

    Thank you for your suggestion!

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    How about Windows 8?   At the current time Windows 7 is generally the preferred business O/S, and in my opinion, I would consider this issue more of a bug than a feature. 

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    I am having the same issue as PBlank and also consider this a bug as I am having to reinstall the driver each time.  I am connecting to a terminal server.  Would that make a difference?  I do have admin permissions.  Please let me know how to fix this or when an update will be out.

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    Running server 2008 SP1 comes up with error unknown port

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    Please give the suggestion in this article a try:

    If you have physical access to the computer, it'd be best to do this exercise using the latest streamer, which has a slightly updated print driver:

    1) uninstall the print driver (via streamer preferences)

    2) install latest streamer (version for Windows)

    3) go through the support article link above to install the print driver manually



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    I don't even see the remote print option listed in my Streamer!

    This is the latest version too!  


    PS:  PC is running XP




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    Sorry John. Remote print is only supported on Windows 7 and above (as noted in the article above). -Phil

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    Preston Korn

    Any idea on when this print driver will work with a redirected "documents" folder?

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    It is supposed to work with a redirected My document folder. But it will be an issue if it is redirected to some cloud drive services, such as Google drive. Did you encounter any issue in your case?

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    Frank Benitez

    Hi, What about if we have the streamer deployed to lets say 1000 computers. Is there a way to silently (script) the installation of the remote print driver? Otherwise we will have to get on each machine and manually enable it.


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    The printer driver has been added to your remote computers with the streamer installed, just not being installed by default.

    You can find install_driver.bat and install_driver64.bat under below folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server\Driver\STPrinter

    Run the bat file will silently install the printer driver.

    Hope this helps.

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    How can we help? Please you can also file a ticket and our supporter will reply to you as soon as possible: