Getting disconnects or difficulty connecting?

Issues like dropped connections, disconnects, or difficulty connecting are not common and may be due to low bandwidth or congested networks. If you experience any of these issues, please try these options:

  1. Enable "Reduce display quality when network is slow"
    • Mac: Business app (purple icon) → Preferences
    • Windows: Business app (purple icon)  File  Options 
  2. Enable "Show solid color background on remote computer desktop"
    • Requires version or later
  3. Reduce frames per a second (FPS) - details
  4. Use lower resolution for remote display - details
  5. Run a ping test on both computers/devices to see if there are actual network issues
    • Open terminal/command prompt and type "ping -t"
    • Run the above test on both computers while connected with Splashtop, and refer to the results for any connection timeouts and errors when a disconnect occurs
  6. Run a speed test on both computers/devices
    • Go to and click GO
    • Let the test finish and note your network's ping, download, and upload speed. High ping times (latency) can cause lagging in remote session.

Please mark "thumbs up" if one or both of these options help and "thumbs down" if they do not help.


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