SOS versus SOS lite


SOS is the standard Splashtop SOS that can be subscribed for the current pricing of $199 and up.  This is the fully functional version, which includes mobile support, custom branding, up to 10 sessions per concurrent tech, and reboot-and-reconnect.

SOS lite is a built-in feature in the Remote Support Plus and Premium subscriptions.  It is not equivalent to the full-fledged SOS license. With SOS lite, one user (whose role is admin/owner ) can have a single SOS session to one PC/Mac at a time. SOS lite does not include accessing iOS/Android devices, custom branding, nor reboot-and-reconnect. It is limited to one concurrent session at a time.


If you have the full SOS subscription, you will use the > SOS page to manage your technicians who can use the SOS access license.


If you only have a Remote Support Plus or Remote Support Premium subscription, you will not see yourself as subscribed to an SOS license. Only the Owner and Admin roles for the Remote Support service can use the SOS lite license.  You manage your Remote Support users via > Management > Users.  


If a user is listed under both the Remote Support team (Owner or Admin) and SOS teams, each time they use the SOS feature, they will be utilizing the full-fledged SOS license.  If you want to make use of both an SOS lite free feature and the full SOS license, do not include some of the Remote Support Admin/Owner in the SOS technician list. In other words, the SOS license does not stack on top of the SOS lite feature.

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