Zendesk Integration

Splashtop has integrated with Zendesk to enable your technicians to remotely support your users using the Splashtop SOS service, right from within a Zendesk ticket.

For a limited time, the integration is included in the select SOS services (excludes SOS lite, legacy services)

Note: IT managers/admins, if you're on the Global Stack with an SOS Trial please contact support to enable integration. SOS Unlimited trials can enable integration without support assistance.


  1. Purchase or trial the Splashtop SOS service, www.splashtop.com/sos.
  2. Download and install these versions of Splashtop Business app (purple icon):
    - Windows app
    Mac app [ or later]
  3. Log in to the Splashtop Business app with your Splashtop account credentials.
  4. Log in at my.splashtop.com to get an API key. You can find it at Management > Settings (scroll to bottom). Detailed instructions here. The API key will be used in the next step.
  5. Go to the Zendesk Marketplace and search for "Splashtop". Click into the app, then click the Install button. Use the API key from step 5 to complete the setup (enter into the "Key" field).

How do I connect within Zendesk/Splashtop?

You can easily initiate a remote desktop connection to your users’ computers to provide support, directly from within Zendesk tickets. It'll take only a few clicks to start a session. After the support case ends, a record of the remote session is automatically inserted into the ticket. Your users do not need to have any software pre-installed for all this to work.

  1. Login to your Zendesk account and navigate to your ticket
  2. Find Apps section and open Splashtop app, then click Create an SOS download link.

  3. Click on Insert download link into ticket comment to insert the download link to the SOS app.
    (You can also just click Snag_46fb04d2.png icon to copy and share using other means.)

  4. End user clicks on the SOS download link in the ticket and run the SOS program
  5. Support agent on Zendesk clicks on the Connect button to start the remote connection.
    Note: Must have the Splashtop Business app installed and logged in.

How do I check session logs?

  • Once you click the Close the support case button in the app, the session logs and file transfer logs will be automatically inserted into the ticket as private comments. 

Watch the integration demo:

You're welcome to sign up for a 7-day free trial of Splashtop SOS. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

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