Splashtop Business Access Performance

Elevate your Splashtop Business Access experience by purchasing or upgrading to Splashtop Business Access Performance and activate additional performance-enhancing features.



Once on a Splashtop Business Access Performance trial or subscription, follow the links below to view version requirements for the Splashtop Business app and Splashtop Streamer, as well as instructions on how to enable and use these features.



4:4:4: Color: Experience the fullest color depth and highest image quality. Using this setting will deliver the most accurate colors, contrasts and image details to ensure video, photo and visual integrity.



High fidelity audio: Tune up to an Ultra High audio quality setting during a remote session to ensure that the high audio resolution required for sound editing, AV sync and post-production is not compromised and can be enjoyed as it should.



Remote Stylus: Use the pressure, orientation, tilt, size, etc. of stylus devices and drawing tablets during a remote session. Remote stylus features can also be used with USB Device Redirection.



USB Device Redirection: Work remotely with precision. Use USB devices from your local computer as if they were plugged into your remote computer. Enable 3D mouse support for more efficient work with 3D modeling software. Level up game development with support for customized gamepads and controllers.



Mic Passthrough: Virtually connect your local microphone input with a remote computer. With microphone passthrough, seamlessly use recording software, meeting software, dictation software, and more as if you were using the remote computer’s microphone.


Note: Outside of these specific features, try enabling QUIC for potential improved performance and latency reduction over your Splashtop  remote connection.


How to Purchase/Upgrade

New users to Splashtop can Buy Now. For any additional questions, please reach out to Sales at sales@splashtop.com or call +1 (408) 886-7177.

Existing Business Access users can manage their account and upgrade to Splashtop Business Access Performance today.

If you are currently on a different product line or if you need any additional assistance completing your upgrade, please contact our Customer Success team at customer-success@splashtop.com or call +1 (408) 758-5899.

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